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Grab Your Prospect’s Attention by Crafting a Capture Page And Thank You Page Videos For Your Funnel

No matter what you're marketing, lead capture web pages are the keystone to get your message across better.  Some marketers say that the most effective component on generating leads on your very own is the reality that people ask about your company online through your lead capture page that are on average much more savvy, more informed and as a whole a much more competent possibility of qualified prospects. Add to that truth that they're not just simply asking about a basic general  opportunity, they're asking about YOUR specific business. Learn how to build the ultimate lead capture form, an example of which will be uncovered here.  Its the simplest and quickest way to … [Read more...]

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Is Your Business Experiencing The Success You Had Hoped For? Part II

What does it take to implement a successful online marketing ? Approach? Well, if you don’t have it– that’s an incredibly strong indicator what you’re going down the wrong road. But, should you act first and ask forgiveness later? Or, should you build the business case from the start? Let’s discuss further– so you can ultimately convince that this approach is consistent. Also watch,  Is Your Business Experiencing The Success You Had Hoped For? Part 1 here. Now, I tell you if you are sitting there and you haven’t spoke with your customers yet and don’t know what they are thinking.There’s no need of guessing anymore!Try and use this as your advantage by creating an … [Read more...]

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Is Your Business Experiencing The Success You Had Hoped For?

ATTENTION all business owners .. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to get your products and services in front of thousands of buyers daily or a marketer,  looking to make a few thousand dollars within your first 7 days. Join us on our journey as we are showing  you sustainable strategies for online business success to make you  rock ‘en rollin in order for you to get the profits you are looking for! Are you brave enough to show and put your knowledge to the test? Click here. In today’s video, the guru’s are sharing online marketing tips that will saved you a lot of heart ache and for you to start a new day to WORK SMARTER but NOT HARDER! So..  It’s time to … [Read more...]


How To Become A Professional Salesperson

More than 10 million people are selling products and only 1 out of 10 are truly capable at being "professionals" - Why?   Gerhard believes its the "lack of commitment" which is definitely true but only one piece of the puzzle. Learning how to sell is just like anything else you've learned, it takes knowledge, practice, skills, feedback, and experience to transcend the amateur status...   If you're looking to grow your business or raise your income, it is solely proportionate to your ability (or your team) to sell. This is absolutely true no matter the product/service/industry. The good news is selling is easy with the right training and guidance.   For … [Read more...]


The ONLY 3 Reasons People Don’t Buy and How to Overcome Them

Without identifying and communicating all three of these components, the prospect will not buy. Here’s how to make sure they do. Closing the sale comes down to your ability to influence people to take a buying action. So what happened if you try your hardest, but you still don’t close the sale? Well, one of the following criteria didn’t get met: They Needed to Feel you Understand their Goals. Make sure they feel like we truly understand their goals and we are here to help them. To do this, make sure you repeating back their problems verbatim how they phrase it. This mirroring technique will help them feel understood faster. They Needed to Trust/Believe in Your … [Read more...]