Creative Solutions Inside Your Networks Will Create Your Net Worth

  Communities are powerful.   Which communities are you a part of? Are you networking with the individuals who can help you solve your problem? Are you connecting with people who are looking for your help? Are you growing and learning together? It's powerful when you can have, what one of my mentors Mark Hoverson calls - Opportunistic Eyes. Which is the ability to see opportunities where problems exist and creating solutions to be profitable. Being an entrepreneur isn't just about solving the problems, but solving them in a profitable way... Cash flow is king. That's what creates momentum...   "The only reason why you don't have money right now is … [Read more...]

26-Qualifying Leads and Irresistible Offers

Qualifying Leads and Irresistible Offers

Identifying your target customer and presenting the offer which is so hard to resist..     Time Stamps For "Qualifying Leads and Irresistible Offers"   1:16—You are the Pioneer 3:36—They are already, actively searching for a solution 6:54—That is your customer! 8:35—Let's talk about Offers 9:26—A Win-Win Situation 11:15—What is the UNIQUE Ultimate Offer? 14:25—Businesses run forever... 16:00—The Value of the offer MUST be MORE than what you are charging them   Evaluating Your Prospects and Crafting the Offer: An in-depth discussion about finding Who your ideal customer is and creating a Unique Offer which is impossible for … [Read more...]

Offer Value

The Formula to Huge Sale Conversions

The simple formula to huge sales conversions is this: Value: Compelling Offer The ratio should always be balanced, as too much of one thing will make the scale tip into a downward spiral. To make the formula work, your audience must take action. And the action they take boil are influenced by three important facts: Their goals Their ability to trust you to help them reach their goals (the faster shortcut scenario), and The desire to get things to happen now Now here’s the secret ingredient to the formula: Qualify a list before you sell to it. Qualifying before selling means everything. It affects as lot of things. It means a lot to you, your … [Read more...]


Why You Need To Build A List

The most powerful way to get more customers is to leverage the power of building a relationship and building a list. Your list is your most valuable asset in business. Someone could take away your business, but if you have a list and a relationship with that list, you could rebuild your business in 60-90 days. There are at least two basic kinds of lists: your prospect list and your buyer list. Your list should be built of people who WANT more information about who you are and what it is that you do. Systematically collecting contact information and then following up with these people is the key to building long term relationships and creating a community of RAVING … [Read more...]

How To Promote Your Blog – Getting Your Message Out There!

I am going to help you how to avoid one of the biggest mistakes I made in the business. I will help you avoid spending thousands of dollars on a fancy website that no one ever visits. When you are starting out in coaching, the most important thing that you need to do is to get your first paying client. I don’t care how you do it, but go ahead and get that first paying client. Build a relationship and that will teach you how to do your business online. You will then know what needs to be on your website to attract your ideal clients, your client avatar. What is the purpose of a website or a blog? The main purpose of a website is to give your target audience enough … [Read more...]