Is Your Business Experiencing The Success You Had Hoped For? Part II

Hoping for 2

What does it take to implement a successful online marketing ? Approach? Well, if you don’t have it– that’s an incredibly strong indicator what you’re going down the wrong road. But, should you act first and ask forgiveness later? Or, should you build the business case from the start? Let’s discuss further– so you can ultimately convince that this approach is consistent.

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Now, I tell you if you are sitting there and you haven’t spoke with your customers yet and don’t know what they are thinking.There’s no need of guessing anymore!Try and use this as your advantage by creating an interview sheet. Find people with problems over the web, talk and ask (be polite in asking) and go through this entire form to really understand your customer. Dont stress it over too, you just need to have a conversation and you’ll be having the information you want. Easy right? Leave me a comment below if you agree with me.

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So where do you find the right people to ask this questions ? (Excellent thinking!)·

  • Google Analytics is one way. This will answer some of the most commonly asked questions you have in mind that can increase your performance.
  • Twitter search. Just enter your search query into the search box at the top of the page and hit the return key or tap Search.Your results will show a combination of Everything, including people, Tweets, and more.
  • Using the forum’s search engine. Search for knowledge base represented in the topics you are interested or simply post a question on the forum yourself. You have to remember as well  it is worth familiarizing yourself with the Survival Guide for the forum.
  • Facebook community forum/groups. Facebook’s Ask Question feature is a fun and useful way to conduct polls, get advice and recommendations, or learn more from your friends and other Facebook members. While you can also ask question by simply using the graph search and look at the particular people who likes this particular product.

Over to you.

What’s your own method?

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