NLP Presuppositions

NLP Presuppositions

NLP Presuppositions form the basic beliefs and attitudes that effective NLP Practitioners work and live by. I am giving you presuppositions that you could put in yourself. To watch more video of Basic NLP, see here So, that said, what is a presupposition? Put in straightforward terms, in hypnotic language it is a part of the sentence that presupposes some piece of information to be true already, upon which the rest of the sentence is based. It is quite a useful tool in negotiation and in sales. When badly used - that is, without sensitivity - it can also annoy the pants off of the person you are dealing with. For an overview of  Neuro-Linguistic Programming and to … [Read more...]

logical levels

Watch the webinar: NLP Logical Levels for Successful Change!

A year ago,  I hosted a webinar to show you how we share knowledge through questions and answers. We heard from Sharessa Huffman  about the topic she wanted to explore of: "I would you like to learn on how to be open to receiving more money from clients.. I have been avoiding taking money" from Summer Elain Bragg: "I'm discovering that I'm actually uncomfortable with the idea of influencing others around me.. but I'm still exploring why that is.." Like you, I bet  you want also change but  don’t know where to start? In this video, I present a powerful tool that can help you quickly identify what is causing a problem and how to move on from it. This tool is the NLP … [Read more...]


Responding to Abreaction

Do you know what is abreaction? Psychoanalysts use this to refer to the process of releasing repressed emotions by reliving in the imagination a previous negative experience. It can happen as a result of spontaneous regression or simply put, an abreaction is when someone gets upset. See more at You might consider some of the following ideas: 1. Stay cool, calm and collected; 2.Keep your hands through yourselves; 3. Allow that scene to disappear; What are the components of experience? a. Vision; b. Self; c. Feeling; Get more tips here on how to overcome any blocks. 4. Your own consciousness point has been protecting you  … [Read more...]

Parts work

An Overview of “Parts Work”

“How Many Sides Do You Have? ” “Curious about working with your parts?” Click here to set up a consultation. In everyday speech, we will often say ‘a part of me is not happy with this situation’. We understand this to be the literal truth: a part of your unconscious mind is not happy or is unaware to such an extent that it may cause you to continue a behavior which consciously you wish to stop, e.g. Smoking. Therefore, in hypnosis, we can encourage the various conflicting parts to integrate and move forward constructively. We can do this by using a technique known as  Dissociation, which is one of the defining tools of hypnotherapy, in that it is safe and enables … [Read more...]

Part 2

Advance Your Hypnotherapy Skills: Train With The Master Himself!

Often wonder what is Parts Therapy? Parts therapy is not new. Did you know that everyone has multiple parts residing on us and these parts are always struggling with each other for superiority? All the confusion is due to the different parts within us that conflict with each other and perplexes our thinking ability. For example, if a person wants to lose weight, then he/she will confront some sort of emotional uproar. There are various aspects to the personalities and ego parts in the brain and the daily life plays a crucial role in having an influential impact on the decision you make. Parts therapy may provide the … [Read more...]