Responding to Abreaction

Do you know what is abreaction? Psychoanalysts use this to refer to the process of releasing repressed emotions by reliving in the imagination a previous negative experience. It can happen as a result of spontaneous regression or simply put, an abreaction is when someone gets upset.

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You might consider some of the following ideas:

1. Stay cool, calm and collected;

2.Keep your hands through yourselves;

3. Allow that scene to disappear;

What are the components of experience?

a. Vision;

b. Self;

c. Feeling;

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4. Your own consciousness point has been protecting you  during your entire life  and can simply continue when you show out  as that scene fade;

5. Hear my voice and feel the chair and know your safe.

I would be very pleased to hear of others’ thoughts and experiences on handling abreactions, so we can learn more together.

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Your friend,

Amir Mahmoud