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Sharessa Huffman Testimonial

  Who doesn’t want people buying his products or signing up under his business? Who doesn’t want more money on the table?   Sharessa Huffman did. And now, she’s enjoying all the benefits of a business that is doing very well. Click Here to boost your own business success. I had worked closely with Sharessa Huffman during our mentoring and training sessions. And like the best of my trainees that she really is, she had followed every single one of my advises. What we did was very simple. She wanted to increase sales conversion. So I taught her the secrets on how to make people buy. Learn the technique called identifying herds and have a buying herd … [Read more...]


Marketing Gurus Share Successful Marketing Secrets- Revealed!

EXPOSED! The secret tools, kick-ass tips,phenomenon systems and resources that the GURUS use to make lots of money! Curious enough? It’s time to look deep in action. Click here and see if this works for you, NOW! In today’s video I will show you the methods and systems that we use and you can start using them yourselves 15 minutes From NOW!” ...Remember, SUCCESS IS 80% MINDSET and 20% MECHANICS! This video will cover: ·Real life practical application overload and what that means for you, your business and your customers. ·How to break through the noise with meaningful offline and online marketing. ·Real world examples for every industry on what is working and … [Read more...]

double bind

RAPID SALES TRAINING 101 – Why Double Binds Don’t Work As Well As You Think They Do And Why Closing Lines Just Don’t Work…

The option of giving someone a double yes statement comes from NLP. The proper term for it is called the double bind.  As an NLP trainer, I teach the importance of giving people the "illusion of choice". Here's 3 examples - Do you see yourself buying PRODUCT A or PRODUCT B? Do you see yourself being a Distributor/Affiliate or a Customer? Do you see yourself buying SERVICE A or SERVICE A + ADD-ON? People can answer one of the choices (which all lead to buying something or joining your business instead of responding NO.) Pretty cool stuff right? But the real reason why it works is because you are ASSUMING, they will buy. That's the key principle, and the foundation … [Read more...]