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Is Your Business Experiencing The Success You Had Hoped For?

ATTENTION all business owners .. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to get your products and services in front of thousands of buyers daily or a marketer,  looking to make a few thousand dollars within your first 7 days. Join us on our journey as we are showing  you sustainable strategies for online business success to make you  rock ‘en rollin in order for you to get the profits you are looking for! Are you brave enough to show and put your knowledge to the test? Click here. In today’s video, the guru’s are sharing online marketing tips that will saved you a lot of heart ache and for you to start a new day to WORK SMARTER but NOT HARDER! So..  It’s time to … [Read more...]

Conversational Hypnosis

Rapid Conversational Hypnosis

“Not brute force but only persuasion and faith are the kings of this world.”  - Thomas Carlyle With the connected and interdependent world we live in, never before has the skill of conversational persuasion and influence been of such critical importance. I invite you to a workshop that is designed to introduce the key influence techniques that are the foundation for success in business, sales, leadership and relationship building. With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to -- what I believe is -- the easiest, fastest and best way to learn conversational hypnosis. I show you WHAT to do. Click here www.businessandmarketingmentors.com/apply Persuasion as a … [Read more...]

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Always shoot a video about what you learn Live Guru Training Camp Footage

Online videos are very powerful tools. And if you use it to share information about what you learned to a larger audience, you are actually doing something to make their lives better. That’s what we encouraged the participants to do in the recent Guru Training Camp. We asked them to shoot a video of themselves and talk about what they learned from the last speaker. Learn more about video blogging here www.businessandmarketingmentors.com/apply That training was a huge success. After the sessions, the participants were able to create amazing videos that share bits and pieces about themselves, their business, and what they can do for other people. Making videos should … [Read more...]

background noise

How To Make Background Noise Work For You While You Shoot Videos By Amir Mahmoud

To effectively share your message into the online community, the best medium to use is a video. But most probably, you have encountered noise problems when shooting them. How do you go about it? Click here for online marketing tricks www.businessandmarketingmentors.com/apply If you are not shooting from a studio, you can expect lots of noises heard on your videos. But you don’t have to consider that as a problem. Instead, you can use those noises to your advantage. The noises will allow your audience to have a glimpse of your daily life. So if there’s a baby crying in the background, then they’ll know that you’re a parent. If there’s a siren heard from outside your … [Read more...]


Get Rid Of The Garbage And Throw It Out Of Your Life

Life is full of wonderful surprises. But in the same way, it could be filled with a lot of garbage that you don’t need. Find those garbage and get rid of them. They are slowing you down and you don’t know it. Click here for to achieve entrepreneurial success www.businessandmarketingmentors.com/apply Once you get rid of all the garbage, you’ll feel much lighter. And when you feel lighter, you’ll have more energy to work on the things that really matters. You’ll then be able to perform on your business better. Sometimes, it is the garbage that keeps us from achieving our goals. Remember that if you take too much of what you don’t need, you’re slowing yourself down. What … [Read more...]