Block #7: Building Relationships

There is a DIRECT correlation between building a successful business and the number of profitable relationships you have with people. And because you are in business to create a profit, your relationships should be established primarily with people that are most likely to purchase your product or service. So what is the simple, and most effective form of advertisement? Building relationships with people who need a result that you can provide.   Traveling to company events, trainings, community based-businesses, and seminars may be the best investment you can have in your time as a business owner. These actions are essential to developing widespread trust with … [Read more...]


Block #3: Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

  Welcome back! As an entrepreneur, while running the business you shouldn't care about perfection. It's not even a goal in my mind at all. You should aim for achieving efficiency in getting to the goals, and the “goal” (in my case) is actually to make it up the stairs. :) Perfection doesn't create results, actions do. Actions create more actions. More actions create momentum.   No one pays attention to the mistakes you made, everyone only looks at the results; the quality of the work you produce, or the services your business provides. While running a business you are going to face many hurdles and difficulties. A good leader tries to avoid/solve the … [Read more...]


Block #2: Proper Training and Coaching

  Welcome back! Do you have the right training? How about the right information you need to get to the next level? The second most common block that all truly successful entrepreneurs must overcome: Appropriate Training; Not just any training, but purposeful training.   Training Tip #1: Not everybody needs to learn new skills. Sometimes, you already have all the skills necessary to build a highly successful business venue. All that’s missing is the right coaching to get clear on the big picture, so you can take the right action to make that happen. Training Tip #2: Discover the skills you ‘DO’ still need. In other cases, maybe you know what it is you … [Read more...]


Raising Your Income Thermostat Creating A New Ceiling For Your Income

  Today, let’s talk about the financial thermostat. Simply defined, it is the amount of money that you invite into your life. Working as an entrepreneur, you surely have experienced a lot of fluctuations in your income. If you look closer and measure your monthly finances, you’ll see all the bounces. Those ups and downs in your income stream need to be resolved. Click here to measure your financial success: So, how much money are you making? And how much money are you spending?   If they seem to just fit each other much, then it must be time to add another income stream into your life. Get out of your comfort zone … [Read more...]