6 weapons of influence

The Six Weapons of Influence: The Most Lethal Sales Strategies

  How difficult is it to score a sale in your business? Almost all business owners, especially the start-up entrepreneurs, struggle so much with making a sale. But in any business, sales is everything. If you can’t do well at it, everything goes down the drain. You’ll be forced to close your business and go back doing something that you hate. Dr. Robert Cialdini, a psychology and marketing expert, recently released a very powerful book entitled “6 Weapons of Influence.” He listed six very important points that can be very well applied to any business, especially by owners who are struggling to make those all too precious sale conversions. These … [Read more...]

Interact With Your Prospects

Surveying and List Segmenting: Redefine the Way You Interact With Your Prospects

You have a lot of people on your list and it is time that you convert them into sales. But before you get overeager and bombard your prospects with those nicely-crafted but rather straightforward ‘Buy Me’ emails, it’s time you rethink the way and the manner that you communicate with them. Today, we’re going to revolutionize the prospect interaction rules as imposed by ‘other’ online marketers. But first, let us ask you a few questions. Are you guilty of: Starting an obnoxious monologue in your email campaigns? Shoving your prospects too many ‘BUY ME NOW!’ emails of products and services they don’t really need? Not caring at all about who your prospects are and … [Read more...]


How To Get Leads Today

    Plain and simple, without paying clients we don’t have a business. For many different business owners, this is a substantial trouble. Going from idea to product is the easy part. Acquiring people to really pay you for your product in where many get stuck and also fail is worst. So how do you also find your audience as well as start discussing your item with them? Actually, it’s  so easy. Click here  and we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to increase your sign up conversions and create the ultimate sign up button and increase the sign up conversion rate X% into gold!” Interesting right? Now I’m not saying to not spend ANY energy on your sign up process, but … [Read more...]

double bind

RAPID SALES TRAINING 101 – Why Double Binds Don’t Work As Well As You Think They Do And Why Closing Lines Just Don’t Work…

The option of giving someone a double yes statement comes from NLP. The proper term for it is called the double bind.  As an NLP trainer, I teach the importance of giving people the "illusion of choice". Here's 3 examples - Do you see yourself buying PRODUCT A or PRODUCT B? Do you see yourself being a Distributor/Affiliate or a Customer? Do you see yourself buying SERVICE A or SERVICE A + ADD-ON? People can answer one of the choices (which all lead to buying something or joining your business instead of responding NO.) Pretty cool stuff right? But the real reason why it works is because you are ASSUMING, they will buy. That's the key principle, and the foundation … [Read more...]