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How To Make Background Noise Work For You While You Shoot Videos By Amir Mahmoud

To effectively share your message into the online community, the best medium to use is a video. But most probably, you have encountered noise problems when shooting them. How do you go about it? Click here for online marketing tricks If you are not shooting from a studio, you can expect lots of noises heard on your videos. But you don’t have to consider that as a problem. Instead, you can use those noises to your advantage. The noises will allow your audience to have a glimpse of your daily life. So if there’s a baby crying in the background, then they’ll know that you’re a parent. If there’s a siren heard from outside your … [Read more...]


Get Rid Of The Garbage And Throw It Out Of Your Life

Life is full of wonderful surprises. But in the same way, it could be filled with a lot of garbage that you don’t need. Find those garbage and get rid of them. They are slowing you down and you don’t know it. Click here for to achieve entrepreneurial success Once you get rid of all the garbage, you’ll feel much lighter. And when you feel lighter, you’ll have more energy to work on the things that really matters. You’ll then be able to perform on your business better. Sometimes, it is the garbage that keeps us from achieving our goals. Remember that if you take too much of what you don’t need, you’re slowing yourself down. What … [Read more...]

Hypnotic Video Tip

Hypnotic Video Marketing Tip Choosing The Right Scenery Makes All The Difference

How many videos do you make each week to promote your online business? Are they effective enough? Have they clearly put your message across? If not, then you may be shooting at the wrong location. Remember that your background can affect the intensity and the desired effect of your videos. Click here for powerful business marketing tips In my video above, I chose a location that’s green and flowery. If you want to shoot a good video, try to go out. Forget about shooting from your office desk or kitchen table for a while. Take your viewers to some place exotic. Look for a spot that will look perfect for the shoot and the message … [Read more...]

Creating Capture Pages

Creating Capture Page Split Test Titles That Work And Effective Sales Funnel Psychology

Audio Download:   Amir "Copywritting Is Powerful" Mahmoud Want to work directly with me? Fill out your application right here.     … [Read more...]


90 Day Outcomes Intentions And Goals

Goal setting is something so powerful, we don’t even understand it entirely – something happens when you set up a goal – but you have to do it the right way!   Many business owners are setting goals that are huge and they should! The problems begin when they don’t see the way of achieving them or if the goal is set too far into the future... That’s why there is one very specific way of setting up goals and following through on them that works. The trick is to set up your 90 day goals – it is close enough for you to see that the goal is very real and reachable but it gives you enough time to plan everything, put it into action and wait for results. When people … [Read more...]