Outsourcing with Summer: Get the Magic of Outsourcing Working for Your Business

    Do you know what makes a very successful entrepreneur? A stress-free environment where exciting new business ideas kicks in naturally. And we’re talking about huge ideas here - the big ones that could break your business apart. If you consider yourself as an entrepreneur who is as busy as a bee, then you’re doing way too much. And frankly speaking, you are NOT doing things right. Why’s that? Click here to see a successful online entrepreneur at work. There are simply A LOT of tasks inside your business that you can outsource. When you really think about it, almost all of the tasks that you’re doing right now can be delegated to someone. At times, they can … [Read more...]

Interact With Your Prospects

Surveying and List Segmenting: Redefine the Way You Interact With Your Prospects

You have a lot of people on your list and it is time that you convert them into sales. But before you get overeager and bombard your prospects with those nicely-crafted but rather straightforward ‘Buy Me’ emails, it’s time you rethink the way and the manner that you communicate with them. Today, we’re going to revolutionize the prospect interaction rules as imposed by ‘other’ online marketers. But first, let us ask you a few questions. Are you guilty of: Starting an obnoxious monologue in your email campaigns? Shoving your prospects too many ‘BUY ME NOW!’ emails of products and services they don’t really need? Not caring at all about who your prospects are and … [Read more...]

Amir Mahmoud

The Shiny New Change: How Did You Do That?

Nobody is ever comfortable with change. Not me, nah uh. But everybody wants to change. Change is good. Especially if it makes you better. More so if it makes you great. Imagine what I was like seven years ago. I was your typical teenage guy who was using my mother’s Dodge Caravan to deliver pizza because mine broke down. (See how typical my life is? I’m sure some of you can relate.) But then, I wasn’t that typical. Get this: I didn't drink... I didn't smoke... I actually had a job... I was socially awkward.. I didn't look or act cool.... I always went home on time... I never slept over anyone's house... I never had a girlfriend or kissed … [Read more...]


How To Generate Traffic That Turns Into Leads And Buys Your Products And Services

  I see it over and over again: The number-one difficulty faced by business owner is the absence of website traffic. Certainly, if your web site isn't really obtaining any sort of website traffic, you're not producing any kind of  sales. And exactly what’s worst is that without web traffic, you can not examine the essential elements of your sales procedure. Well here are some tips  that you need to know: #1 Who is your ideal customer? Your ability to clearly define and focus in on the customers who can most rapidly buy your product or service will be essential to your business success. So, to ensure that you’re attracting the right customers, take some time … [Read more...]