Time Management Will Keep You Frozen In Time

We all have 24 hours in a day. In that amount of time, how much do you spend sleeping? How much do you spend making money? Ask millionaires or billionaires, how do they spend each day of their lives that they are able to make so much money? Earn money like a millionaire. Click here now www.businessandmarketingmentors.com/apply Time management is not the answer my friend. That concept is just a concept… an idea. You can’t manage time. The best thing to do is priority management. Most people have daily to do list but nobody actually does everything in their list. You get stuck. Now how do we change that around? Again, you have to do priority management and come up with … [Read more...]


Identify Your Strengths And Outsourcing Your Weaknesses

As an entrepreneur, as soon as you are capable or have the resources to outsource some tasks it is important to know your different strengths and weakness. Ask yourself what are you good at or where are you most useful? What are those things that should never do?  What are the things that you are not good at? Click Here to learn more about making money online. When you are already good at identifying these aspects, focus on your strong feats and outsource your weaknesses you will soon see that your business starts to grow.   To illustrate, about a month ago, I was doing so much work. I was making the sales, getting leads...I was doing all the tasks and I noticed … [Read more...]


Outsourcing Tasks Inside Your Life To Make Time For Your Business by Amir Mahmoud

Do you have a small business superhero complex? It’s what happens when you think you can do it all yourself. On top of doing the work that you do best, you’re tackling accounting, marketing– the whole works! If your goal is to work yourself into an early grave, keep on going! If you’d rather have a thriving business with some time to rest and relax, then it’s time to outsource.   Avoiding outsourcing when your business is growing can hold you back. By outsourcing in several key areas, you can save time, boost your personal productivity and help your business bloom. Head Here to know how to increase your personal productivity. Why outsource?   You’ve … [Read more...]


Virginia DoneForYou Testimonial

People hire other people to do things for them. Why?   Because one can’t simply be good at everything. If you do every single aspect of your business yourself, then you are not managing your business. You are taking a very difficult job to start with. Here's a brief on outsourcing tasks inside your life to make time for your business. Click the link and learn. Virginia a great example of a business owner who has evolved into somebody that she never thought she could become. She’s not into interviews, building relationships, talking to individuals, and all that stuff. But after working with me for a short period of time, she finally went out of her comfort zone … [Read more...]