The ONLY 3 Reasons People Don’t Buy and How to Overcome Them

Without identifying and communicating all three of these components, the prospect will not buy. Here’s how to make sure they do.


Closing the sale comes down to your ability to influence people to take a buying action.

So what happened if you try your hardest, but you still don’t close the sale? Well, one of the following criteria didn’t get met:

They Needed to Feel you Understand their Goals.

Make sure they feel like we truly understand their goals and we are here to help them. To do this, make sure you repeating back their problems verbatim how they phrase it. This mirroring technique will help them feel understood faster.

They Needed to Trust/Believe in Your Solution

You provide a “proven/tested” faster shortcut that is yielding results right now. Ultimately you must believe they will get results faster. Demonstrate it’s less risky than doing it alone with testimonials and case studies.

Remember you are here to serve them by helping them avoid serious potential mistakes. The best way to do this is to share how other people have succeeded by taking the path of buying.

They Needed Urgency

Spend time asking about how life will be without the purchase/solution. Remember to emphasize and repeat back the painful parts.

Ask them what happens if they don’t get a solution. With this question we are bringing about urgency because we point out that without a solution today it only gets worse not better.

Closing thoughts (pun intended)

The secret to making sales is understanding influence and what makes people take action. Once you know what their problem is and what their goals are, you outcome is to use words, stories, examples, testimonials, us, and anything else in your power to get them to buy.

We’ve boiled down influence, action taking, and buying into three straight-forward components. Remember, without all three, the prospect WILL NOT buy. It’s important that you identify this information on every call you take and take notes on it as you follow your script. If at any point, you’re not sure of the answer, ask the prospect directly to get the information. If a prospect objects, this will be the most powerful leverage you’ll have.

If the person said no, evaluate your call/presentation. Was your problem 1, 2, or 3? What are you going to do to so you don’t repeat that mistake in the future? Apply it to your next call/presentation.