Time Management Will Keep You Frozen In Time

We all have 24 hours in a day. In that amount of time, how much do you spend sleeping? How much do you spend making money?

Ask millionaires or billionaires, how do they spend each day of their lives that they are able to make so much money?

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Time management is not the answer my friend. That concept is just a concept… an idea. You can’t manage time. The best thing to do is priority management.

Most people have daily to do list but nobody actually does everything in their list. You get stuck. Now how do we change that around? Again, you have to do priority management and come up with a NOT TO DO list.

Yes, you read it right, come up with your not to do list. Millionaires and billionaires know exactly what not to do and what to delegate or outsource to others. As a starting businessman you probably don’t have enough resources to pay someone else to do one or two or three of your task but once you have that resources, go ahead and hire someone whom you can assign for probably web content making, writing, etc.

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What you can do is backwards engineer your time. How? Figure out how much you want to earn in a year, go backwards and know how many hours in a day you want to work and how much money do you need to earn per hour in order to hit your target.

For example in a year, you want to earn $10,000, lets backwards engineer that and divide it by the number of hours you want to work every day. Let’s say you need to earn $250 per hour, what are the things you need to do in order for you to achieve that?

See here the trick to outsourcing tasks inside your life to make time for your business.

Let’s say part of what you need to do is web developing and you need 2 hours for that daily, with your not to do list, you can outsource that web developing to someone who can do it in less time that you can. What will happen is you will actually take back your time you were supposed to use for web developing.

With that extra time you bought back, you can now go travel to places or you can also use it to be more productive and close more deals or goes make more money.

Again, don’t make a to-do list, instead make a NOT to DO list, outsource and prioritize your time.

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I’ll catch you again on our next business tip.


Your friend,