Turn-Around Coach For Entrepreneurs share Expertise About Coaching Fundamentals!

In this six-minute video training, Amir Mahmoud shares the advance concepts of the fundamentals in coaching.

As entrepreneurs, how do you give GREAT approach into entrepreneurship, whether for one person or a large group?

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About the fundamentals .. knowing yourself first before you can lead others is essential. Recognized how you are wired, how you process information in order to be able to give and receive orders or to attempt to lead others. Be comfortable on your own skin, with a high degree of self-awareness about strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. Once you  do, you can recognize how this process information and clearly articulate expectations to others!

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So, that said this video will cover:

1.       About your Coaching State;

2.       Your Present State;

3.       Lastly, your Outcome/ Desired State

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Amir Mahmoud